Asil Kumas (Shirting Fabric manufacturer) was founded in Istanbul in 1993. It is based in Istanbul but production facility is in Bursa.

Asil Kumas has been specialized in producing men’s shirting fabric and it offers its products to local and international markets by wholesale and export.

Our products are mainly exported to Central and Eastern European countries. Besides that, export to North Africa, Middle East, and Russia has been increasing steadily.

Offering quality products that are manufactured in accordance with the needs of our customers at competitive prices and delivering them on-time are our basic principles. We work very hard to be able to respond to the needs of our customers accurately and swiftly, and to offer them trendy fabrics with attractive designs.

We value working with our customer for a long period of time; therefore, we always seek for the better. For this, we follow closely and instantly the fashion (latest trends) and changing market conditions.

Objectives: We aim to go beyond the expectations of our partners in quality and service by providing on-time production-supply cycle. Additionally, we aspire to become a global company and global brand with our high-quality products that will be perceived as a reference.

Quality perception: Providing service and manufacture in order to achieve company reliability for clients, and brand awareness and preferability for end-users.

Asil Kumaş